For adults and children aged 8 years and older or with height at the wrist, holding the arm raised and measuring from the shoe to the wrist, equal to or greater than 1.50 meters (see photo).

What is included

Climbing harness, disposable hygienic cap, helmet for the duration of the activity, mandatory entry pass, use of trials for age and height, dressing, explanation, assistance along the routes and undressing  by qualified instructors, use of the services of the Park (picnic area with benches and tables in wood, toilets with wash basin).


About 2 hours and a half depending on your speed during the paths, that expire at the blue level for children with height on the wrist less than 1.60 meters and after the red level for adults or for children authorized to red level path.

Mandatory  time before the lunch break.

Last morning session 11:00.

Last afternoon session 15.30.


Comfortable, sports clothing suitable for the current season. Closed shoes, preferably new sneakers without smooth sole. Long hair tied with an elastic in a low ponytail on the back of the neck in order to wear the helmet. No hairpins, scarves, bags, backpacks, shoulder bags, earrings or other jewellery pendants  must be worn. No open shoes must be worn. If you have a navel piercing cover it with a plaster. It is recommended pants with lockable zip pockets for those who want to bring the mobile on the trees, so it won‘t fall during the flights. It is recommended the use of mountain bike gloves, not supplied by the Park.

During the summer it is recommended not to wear t-shirts too short (must cover entirely the belly) nor too short shorts, as the climbing harness has not to be in contact with the skin.

Please note that the activities are carried out in the woods, where there are roots, logs, woods, branches, leaves, acorns, pebbles and rocks. Be careful where you walk. Bring mosquito spray lotion before putting on the safety equipment.




Pathways signs

At the beginning of the path there are signs with the path name, the safety rules and the users of that path, according to their age and height.



Are allowed to this path only adults and minors from 14 years of age. Minors under this age are enabled to this route only if they have a height at the wrist, holding the arm raised and measuring from the shoe to the wrist, which is equal to or greater than 1.60 meters and that, in addition to this, on the path are accompanied by an adult who, since the beginning, performs the paths with the child.

Do not ask us to enable your child to other paths if, due to age or height, doesn’t comply with the safety standards.


It is possible to book a personal trainer/instructor for your child,

with an extra charge of € 20,00 per hour.

With an email request and advance payment via bank transfer.

Request your personal trainer.

Regulation form

Remember to download the application form to the regulation with an identity document at the check-in.

Skip the line printing and taking the form with you.

Scarica il modulo di regolamento

Download the regulation form

Backpacks/bags storage

It is possible to pick up a key and use the lockable boxes to store your bag/backpack during the activity.



In the wood there is no ATM due to lack of a network, so you cannot pay by card. It is required payment in cash at check-in.

cold drinks, coffee and snacks

In the Park there are vending machines with cold drinks, snacks, coffee, hot drinks. Ask the instructors of the park where they are located. There’s a smoking area outside the wood. There are picnic areas with tables and benches.

Mandatory online booking

The online booking is mandatory as it guarantees you the entrance to the adventure park and the activities that will be confirmed once you submit your reservation request by clicking on the button BOOK of the website, filling in all the fields.

It will also be confirmed at what time you can access to the park.

The Park is very large, so it is organized by turns with specific times in order to be always accepted and followed, at various stages, by the staff of the Park. Young children (baby routes), once followed the explanation of the instructor, will be supervised by their parents.

As the activities are carried out on trees with specific equipment, everything is done following safety rules which require waiting times related to the different stages (registration, payments, dressing, explanation, test path, paths of different levels, dressing, withdrawal of documents).

In the wood it gets dark earlier than outside, because it is very thick, so the end times of the activities and the closing time of the park must be respected.

Coming to the park without a reservation doesn‘t guarantee the access to the activities.